Paxvilla Hospice | Address : 4513 W US Highway 83, McAllen, TX 78501

Opening Hours : 24/7
  Contact : (956) 686-4414

About Us

PAX VILLA is chartered as a corporation in TX, with the goal of providing palliative, rather than curative care to hospice patients, where each patient gets an individualized plan of care for himself (herself) and the family.
Our corporate/administrative offices is now located at 4513 W. Buss Hwy 83 McAllen, T.X 78502

The Paxvilla difference

  • We adhere to a hospice philosophy, which recognizes that each person deserves to live out his or her life with respect and dignity, alert and free of pain, in an environment that promotes quality of life.
  • We adhere to a philosophy of care that emphasized quality and comfort, rather than length of life.
  • We rely on combined knowledge and skills of our interdisciplinary team of professional to treat the patients, and not the disease, to focus on family rather than on individual.
  • We are a national model of Palliative we offer such high quality and innovative care, as to allow our patients to be alert, pain and symptom-free at the end of life through adequate individual needs and pain management; we ensure continuity of care when our patients need more intensive assistance.
  • We offer peace of mind as well as practical assistance for families through support and guidance that builds families confidence in their own abilities to care for loved ones, as well as through coordination of services for their loved ones.
  • We offer flexibility in where care is provided, by supporting the patients and their families in a multitude of ways both in their homes and at different facilities to accommodate patients as their needs change.
  • We offer an innovative approach in hospice, to let our patients and their families benefit from our more family-centered and comfort care than our competitors.
  • Our fair wages and team structure lower dissatisfaction, and thus lower turnover rates among our staff.

Our Strength

  • High quality of service, family-centered environment.
  • Excellent and stable staff, offering personalized hospice in Mcallen.
  • Our Medical Director is well trained and came from one of the best establishment known as MD Anderson with a worldwide reputation.

Our Team

  • Hospice Physician
  • Nurses (RN)
  • Nurses (LVN)
  • Chaplains
  • Social Workers
  • Bereavement Counselor
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Continuous Quality Improvement personnel
  • Trained volunteers
  • Personal hospice physician visit to the patient
  • Administrator
  • Marketing Director

The Hospice Physician, Director of Nursing and the Administrator comprised our Management Team.

Although the Medical Director has the ultimate responsibility for the health and well-being of all patients the nursing and care giving staff, with their different kinds of knowledge about the patients’ physical, social, and mental well-being, are expected to note, discuss, and recommend courses of action for all patients who, in their combined estimation need help.

PAXVILLA offers a different management structure from that of the typical hospital-model hospice facility. Our primary caregivers, the Nurses and the Home Health Aids, work as a self-managed team, meeting with the Medical Director and the nurse on–call every morning to coordinate care for the coming day.