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Quality of Care

Patients have the right:

  • To receive care of the highest quality
  • To be admitted by a hospice organization only if it is assured that all necessary palliative and supportive services will provided to promote the physical, psychological, social and spiritual well-being of the dying patient.

An organization with the less than optimal resources may, however, admit the patient if a more appropriate hospice organization is not available-but only after fully informing the client of its limitations and the lack of suitable alternative arrangements

  • To be told what to do in the case of an emergency

The hospice organization shall assure that:

  • All medically-related hospice care is provided in accordance with physician’s orders and that a plan of care which is developed by the patient’s physician and the hospice interdisciplinary group in conjunction with the patient, specifies the services to be provided and their frequency and duration

All medically-related personal care is provided by an appropriately trained homemaker/home health aide who is supervised by a nurse or other qualified hospice professional